Strong Beer Saison 2023

In Munich it is looked upon as the fifth season of the year.

The traditional serving of the springtime strong beers in Munich begins always in Lent following Fasching. People of Munich owe this "spring health cure" to the monks. When it was not allowed to eat during lent, they invented a especilally nurishing beer to strengthen their bodies. The enjoyment of Lent beer was not regarded as a sin: "Liquid nourishment doesn't break your fast". Even if nowadays nearly nobody keeps to the Lent, the tradition of strong beer lives on to this day.
The bottom-wort of Starkbier (strong beer) is at least 18% and the alcohol level is ca.7.5% (so-called "double-bock"). The alcohol level of normal barrel beer is only ca.3,5%.

The names of the strong beer sorts of the Munich breweries end in "-ator", for example "Triumphotor" at the Augustiner Brewery, "Maximator" at the Augustiner Brewery and "Delicator" brewed by the Hofbräu. Most famous of course is "Salvator" at the Paulaner Brewery, where monks originally developed Starkbier (strong beer).

The Strong beer festival is celebrated in all the breweries' beer halls. There are live brass music and festive events on the programme. Although the Paulaner Cellar, the Augustiner Cellar and the Löwenbräu Cellar are the focal points for this beer bust. One of the highlights is the barrel tapping and the "Politiker-Derbleck'n" (the roasting of leading politicians by actors) in the Paulaner beer hall on the Nockherberg hill.

The 2023 Starkbier serving will be celebrated:
in the Paulaner Cellar from March 10 - April 2
in the Löwenbräu Cellar from March 10 - March 25
in the Augustiner Cellar from February 23 - April 2

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